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Beyond additional signatures, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) is also looking for additional members of Congress to cosponsor the RPM Act. To date, the House legislation has 68 sponsors, while the Senate bill has 11. Are your elected officials among them? Visit the following link to find out, which includes a tool to locate your lawmakers: go to semaSAN.com. Given the potential impact of this rulemaking on car clubs and automotive organizations nationwide, group leaders are needed to work with Congress in passing the bill.


Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) will be celebrated this year on July 8, 2016. At the request of SEMA, this “holiday” has been marked each year since 2010 by a U.S. Senate Resolution recognizing that the “collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of preserving the technological achievements and cultural heritage of the United States.” As in years past, a wide range of automotive events will be held to commemorate the occasion. As this annual event continues to grow worldwide, states, provinces, counties and cities are following suit with their own recognition. SEMA encourages participation throughout the month of July to honor the classics of the past and the future.

Check out the SEMA Action Network’s (SAN) latest video PSA for tips on setting up your tribute. Please share it with your friends using the following link: https://youtu.be/yyR4cF0K8Zs 


ATTEND an official vehicle-inspired event
HOST your own gathering or club meeting
• Promote a “HOLIDAY SALE” at your business
DRIVE your special ride, new or old, whatever the destination

Plan and submit your July event at no cost, locate a listing near you and more on the website: semasan.com/CCAD (Participating organizers will be awarded a copy of the Congressional resolution for display at each registered event.)

Legislative Front Lines

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SEMA SAN Strike Force

Members of the Minnesota Street Rod Association (MSRA) gather on the steps of the state capitol for the MSRA Legislative Committee’s “Run to the (Capitol) Hill” event. Held on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, this year’s edition was the 26th of the series.

The Minnesota Street Rod Association (MSRA) has a well-deserved reputation for bringing car enthusiasts together. Perhaps the group’s spirit is embodied in its legendary Back to the ’50s Weekend event, a tribute to the cars and trucks of a bygone era.  However, there is much more to this group than just throwing parties.  At the suggestion of then-president, Marty Moody, MSRA’s Legislative Committee was formed in February of 1988 to promote the interests of the association and its membership at the state capitol. The Committee's mission is to foster the advancement of legislation in the state of Minnesota that is favorable to the automotive hobby’s collection and usage of vintage vehicles.

Early on in the association’s history, a street rod license plate project became a template for future success.  Jerry Johnson, one of MSRA’s founders, believed that an “association of car clubs” could get things done that a single club could not.  Setting up the Legislative Committee seemed like a reasonable next step.  Sandy Felde became its first chair.  Notably, there are quite a few of the original committee members still active on the committee even today.  They’ve worked on issues including blue dot taillights, single license plates and emissions exemptions.  While years of hard work have left the legislative front in Minnesota pretty quiet these days, Moody claims “we must always pay attention to what’s going on!”  The last major issue was the fight for non-oxygenated premium gasoline and lead to many tough sessions at the capitol.  MSRA’s monthly publication, LineChaser, currently boasts twelve pages containing a list of Minnesota fuel stations that carry premium gas not containing ethanol. 

Each year the committee coordinates an annual “Run to the (Capitol) Hill”, now an MSRA signature.  The “Run” has boosted the good name of both the club and the entire car hobby with elected officials and their staffs.  The 26th event once again allowed the membership to make contact with the office of each state legislator and provide information about the association.  “We thank the legislators for past favorable legislation and remind them that our members are voters,” Marty explains.  “The day starts with a breakfast that features a small number of invited speakers.  This year we were honored to host Representative Rick Hansen and St Paul’s Chief of Police, Thomas Smith.”  A cruise to the Capitol through downtown St. Paul complete with a police escort follows breakfast.  Once parked, the group spreads out to deliver prepared information to the government offices and meet face-to-face if possible.  “We have found that our annual ‘Run to the Hill’ is invaluable, even when there is no pressing issue that could affect street rodding,” continues Moody.  “Getting to know our legislators and letting them know about MSRA is important.  Some have even called us before a bill was introduced to ask for help and ensure the bill won’t hurt our hobby!”

Coming up, the committee will be represented at MSRA’s 47th Back to the ’50s Weekend in June at the Legislative Tent.  Experts on titling and licensing from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety are always invited to join the group during the event.  These representatives are a resource for the committee during the year. 

To those in the MSRA, especially members of the Legislative Committee, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) is proud to work hand-in-hand as you continue to lobby for hobbyist rights in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!


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