The EPA Wants to Outlaw Our Racecars. Tell Congress to Stop Them—Today:


Obtaining the Unobtainable
By Colby Martin

“If you build it, he will come.” —Field of Dreams

The memorable line from the 1989 blockbuster film centers on an adult’s attempt to reclaim his past; particularly the troubled relationship with his father, a devoted baseball fan. In the years since the movie’s debut on the big screen, it has been used to describe the realization of an impossible dream. The premise fits perfectly with the new federal law that will allow us to purchase newly built completed replica vehicles for the first time ever. As detailed in the cover story of the Driving Force’s Spring 2016 issue, the SEMA Action Network’s (SAN) fight to enact this milestone legislation into law ultimately ended in victory.

Like myself, enthusiasts live vicariously behind a steering wheel.

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Legislative Front Lines

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SEMA SAN Strike Force

Robert Marsala bought his Dodge Challenger SRT brand new in 2013. After taking delivery, the New Yorker had the entire drive train updated with performance parts. “I had my speed shop install all forged racing components into the engine and also stroked it out to 430 c.i.,” Robert says. A ProCharger F1-R Supercharger was installed on top, producing 830 h.p. at the rear wheels with 14 lbs. of boost. Now he is in the process of using a smaller pulley to bring the boost up to 20 lbs. A 9" rear end, high horsepower axles and a 4" carbon fiber driveshaft put the power to ground.

New York’s Robert Marsala is a member of the ChallengerforumZ.com, an online community bonded by their devotion to Mopar products—specifically late-model Dodge Challengers. After being formed in 2006, the group now has nearly 19,000 members. “We are like a family there,” Robert says. “You can ask any question about your car and someone will likely know the answer and help you out.” With discussions ranging from interesting vehicles, specific parts/applications and automotive news, the website covers a wide array of topics important to fans of the Pentastar brand. A recurring highlight is the "Car of the Month" contest where specific cars are selected and are voted on by the membership.

Like thousands of others, Marsala got involved with the SEMA Action Network (SAN) in February just after the news broke about the U.S. EPA’s proposal to ban the conversion of street vehicles into racecars. He took immediate action by posting the SAN’s Legislative Alert containing the link to the White House petition on a message board in the forum. “I'm so glad I can help with the cause,” he relays. “My fellow enthusiasts and I don’t want to see rules that set unreasonable limits to what we can do to dedicated racecars. We feel that this is our hobby and we should be able to add upgrades and performance parts to cars used at the track.” To further the effort, Robert’s encouraging the online membership to sign up with the SAN to stay informed on this and other legislative topics. Subsequently, he’s also spreading the word among local speed shops and parts stores requesting SAN enlistment forms be handed out to fellow racers.

With the help of you and your pals, Robert, may we all keep enjoying four-wheeled fun nationwide!


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