State Houses Heat Up
By Colby Martin


2015 is here and with the new year come new legislative sessions and new proposals. Automotive bills are quickly mounting in number from state houses nationwide. Let’s check out the lay of the land together!


The notion that multiple states are considering a move to a single, rear-mounted plate requirement is incredibly inspiring. As you’ll read in the cover story of this issue, there have been a slew of legislatures proposing such a shift. Like most gearheads, I’m a huge fan of these bills. After all, my own ’58 Ford F-100 pickup’s smooth front bumper (shown above) was produced without a front mounting bracket, resulting in a much cleaner design. As always, it will take a mass of encouragement from our community to propel these bills into law—much like the state of Wyoming accomplished very recently.


As Driving Force readers will recognize, emissions and exhaust systems continue to be debated among the states.


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Bob Parrish’s gorgeous 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS is fully restored to factory stock condition. It’s even outfitted with the rare L80 engine option (409 c.i./425 h.p.). Parrish says the car is “equipped with the ‘Beach Boys package’—a ‘4-speed, dual quad, posi-traction 409.’” Given the popularity of the hit song with car collectors, this is one desirable hardtop.


“I have had a passion for cars since I began running toy versions across the floor,” explains Chesapeake, Virginia’s Bob Parrish. He developed a keen affection for the “Bowtie,” having owned and restored a number of Chevrolets over the years. Need more proof of his brand loyalty? Take a look at the insignia appearing above his garage door (see photo above). The year 1958 resonates deeply to him for its connection to his high school days. Parrish has restored three 1958 Impalas, including a convertible. However, the favorite among his collection is a 1958 Corvette. It is uniquely loaded with the original 283 c.i./250 h.p. small block with factory fuel injection and a 4-speed transmission.


Bob long ago found the kinship within car clubs to be personally rewarding. Now serving as the Executive Vice President of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), he has been a member for over 30 years. He can be spotted at several AACA events during the course of the year. These include the group’s recent Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and the Hershey, Pennsylvania region’s giant Eastern Fall Meet. Parrish has also been president of the Tidewater Region AACA and the Virginia Chevy Lovers. It should come as no surprise that he also belongs to the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA). Legislative issues affecting the antique car community are naturally of key concern. “The service that the SEMA Action Network (SAN) provides to our hobby is so important,” he explains. Given the many legislative victories scored in Virginia over the years, Bob sees the value in contacting his state’s lawmakers when requested by the SAN. He continues to encourage fellow enthusiasts and fellow club members to do the same.


Keep those beautiful Bowties on the road, Bob! We wish you well with your next project.



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