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Not Fake News: Your Vote Counts!

Voting can often seem like a cynical matter. When roughly 130 million Americans cast a ballot for president, it can be tough to see how one vote will make a difference. Winning the lottery may seem more likely than your vote deciding an election outcome. However, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction—as proven by many unexpected results in the pivotal 2016 general election.

Despite not receiving the major headlines, consequential elections occur months earlier than November's general midterm elections. Before a candidate can appear on the ballot in November, he or she must first win the nomination of their respective political party.

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As their logo clearly indicates, the Mid-Tenn Classic Chevy Club (MTCCC) represents die-hard fans of the "Tri-Five Chevy" within the mid-state area of Tennessee. These collectible vehicles came adorned from the factory with the iconic "bowtie" emblem shown.

Finned Chevy Bel Airs, convertibles and Nomad wagons from the '50s have captivated generations. "Tri-Fives" began attracting a dedicated following among the collector automobile crowd since they first rolled off the assembly line. The specific models included in this group were made from 1955 to 1957, generally referring to offerings in the mid-size class. While each featured a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, those powered by Chevy's ever-popular V8 engines have traditionally been the most sought-after. Not surprisingly, enthusiasts have applied just about every treatment and trend to these revered "bowties" in the decades since.

One group dedicated specifically to Tri-Fives is the Mid-Tenn Classic Chevy Club (MTCCC). Based in Madison, Tennessee, the MTCCC was formed in 1980 to "support the restoration and preservation of classic 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevrolets." The club is affiliated with Classic Chevy Clubs International. There are currently 23 member families among them who own classic Chevys and reside in the mid-state area. Like many organizations of its kind, a Board of Directors oversees group functions.

After nearly 40 years, the MTCCC membership remains very active in automotive culture. Involvement in civic activities includes parades and '50s-themed events. Among them are the 50th Anniversary of the Life and Casualty Tower, the Tennessee State Museum and the historic Ryman Auditorium. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to local charities including the Murci Homes, Feed The Children, Helping Hands, Ladies of Charities and other needy organizations. A monthly newsletter, MTCCC Cruiser, covers the group's most recent happenings. In fact, the latest issue encouraged readers to honor the upcoming SAN-supported celebration of Collector Car Appreciation Day: "Drive your Classic Chevy on July 13th!"

Thanks to the MTCCC for spreading the good word about our hobby's "holiday" in the Volunteer State!

Happy Canada Day!

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