Billed as "the world's largest road trip," the Hot Rod Power Tour will soon be embarking on its 21st annual excursion. Automotive media personality Courtney Hansen will once again be with the SEMA Action Network (SAN) signing the limited-edition poster shown above. She will join us at each stop from Memphis, Tennessee to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So, stop by our prominent display at the flamed Hot Rod bus to grab one for yourself.

The Power Tour draws motor vehicle enthusiasts from across the country. Covering more than 1,500 total miles, this seven-day, seven-city tour begins in Madison, Wisconsin, and will make its way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, through both highways and winding back roads. The event will attract more than 4,500 collector cars and grab the attention of more than 75,000 spectators. All kinds of hot rods, classics, custom trucks and street machines will be along for the ride. Any vehicle year, make or model is accepted.

The dates and stops are as follows:

  • Saturday, June 6 - Madison, WI (Alliant Energy Center)
  • Sunday, June 7 - Champaign, IL (Parkland College)
  • Monday, June 8 - Madison, IL (Gateway Motorsports Park)
  • Tuesday, June 9 - Memphis, TN (Memphis International Raceway)
  • Wednesday, June 10 - Hoover / Birmingham, AL (Hoover Metropolitan Stadium)
  • Thursday, June 11 - Gulfport, MS (Centennial Plaza)
  • Friday, June 12 - Baton Rouge, LA (Lamar Dixon Expo Center)
This link contains information on tour stops and other details: www.hotrod.com/events/power-tour/ We hope to see you on the road!



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Of the many cars he’s owned, the one that has stuck with Richard Horton has been the 1965 Chevy Corvette pictured above. “I bought the car as a driver and I’ve kept it that way for the 38 years I’ve owned it,” he remarks. “I know every nut and bolt on a first name basis.” According to Richard, every part has been either restored or replaced at least once—including upgrades to most of the drivetrain, suspension and brakes. “This was the car I dreamt about as a kid, and now after all these years, it is still my favorite.”


Richard Horton's love affair with the automobile started as a kid watching his grandfather wrench on an old Plymouth Belvedere. The memory of sitting on the fender when it was fired up left an immediate impression. "I was hooked!" he explains. Not long after, he started building and racing go karts for fun. After porting and tuning the two-stroke engines, he would add a little ‘nitro' additive to the gas and oil mix. Word of his engine-tuning prowess spread and soon Richard was working on other people's muscle cars before he was old enough to drive. Full-sized cars became his passion once he earned his driver's license. As a result, he's owned and restored Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros, T-birds and Chevelles. He once dropped in a high performance 351 c.i. Windsor engine into a 1967 2-door Ford Fairlane, but kept the exterior intact-right down to the ‘dog dish' hub caps. It became a total "sleeper" and surprised many at the Friday night drag races. "I put 70,000 miles on that car and almost cried when I sold it," Horton recalls. In addition to local car shows, he enjoys all types of auto racing and attends as many of these events as possible.

As a member of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) and the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, Richard immediately recognized the importance of the SEMA Action Network (SAN) to the car hobby. In fact, he joined the moment he saw the SAN's PSA printed in Hot Rod Magazine. He regularly sends e-mail reminders regarding legislation to his contacts in the hobby and encourages them to sign up individually. This year, he is organizing the Valley Forge Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 10, 2015. His hope is that others will become motivated to get their cars out of the garage to honor our hobby's national "holiday." Those who will be near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, may contact vfccad@gmail.com for information about the celebration. "We need to have our voices heard in order to combat anti-hobby legislation that threatens our freedom to enjoy the cars we love," says Horton. "There is strength in numbers. If every auto enthusiast joined the SAN, I believe we would have the most powerful lobby in the country."

Very powerful words, Richard! Thanks for continuing to do your part.



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