July 15 & 16: Courtney Hansen to Help Support Motorsports in St. Paul, Minnesota

Automotive media personality and SEMA Action Network (SAN) member Courtney Hansen is set to appear as part of the Street Machine Summer Nationals at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN. Hansen will meet and greet fans on Saturday and Sunday, July 15 - 16, between the hours of 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm at the SAN display. Stop by to get your copy of the limited-edition poster shown above personally signed by Courtney.

Hansen, known for her hosting roles on several automotive television programs including Overhaulin' and PowerNation is also a dedicated advocate for the SAN. She will appear at the event to help encourage fans to support the 2017 Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act.

Full details: www.streetmachinenationals.net


Save Our Race Cars...and Their Parts!

The RPM Act Will Protect Use of Racing Tires, Wheels and More

The effort to enact the 2017 Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act into law is in full swing. More than 60,000 individual letters have been sent by racers, fans and the motorsports community. The positive response by federal lawmakers continues to grow as a result. There are approximately 170 listed to date that are supporting the bill as co-sponsors of the legislation.

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SAN Strike Force
Thanks to the efforts of Bob Kelly and the Specialty Vehicle Association of British Columbia (SVABC), the province of British Columbia issues proclamations designating “Collector Car Appreciation Day/Month” in the province each year.

Like many other hobbyists, Bob Kelly’s fascination with cars began in his pre-teen years. He would work with his dad on the family’s vehicles. At age seventeen, Bob acquired a ‘47 Chevy. Not surprisingly, the ride needed a lot of work to put it back on the road. “One of the car’s custom changes was known as a ‘California rake’,” Kelly recalls. “The front end was lowered with 4-inches of ground clearance and the rear raised so the bumper was 3-feet off the ground.” A number of other collectible vehicles have since come and gone. His current fleet includes a ‘46 REO Speedwagon, ‘58 Pontiac, ‘67 Chevy Nova SS, ‘73 Chevy pickup, ‘82 Honda 450 motorcycle and ‘97 Buick Riviera. He began his career in the auto industry as an apprentice mechanic in 1963, soon moving to mechanic with BC Telephone/Telus. He spent 24 years in fleet management, with the last seven as fleet manager for the Interior Region of B.C. before retiring in 2013.

A member of the Specialty Vehicle Association of British Columbia (SVABC) since 2004, Kelly has been a regional rep and director over the last six years. His responsibilities have included administration, communications and overseeing committee proposals. Most recently, he was elected as the group’s president for 2017. The SVABC’s mission is to proactively represent car enthusiasts in BC by addressing legislation that negatively impacts the hobby and promote initiatives that support it. It was formed in 1979 by a small group of vintage, classic and hot rod owners as an umbrella organization to represent the interests of clubs with government agencies. “The SVABC is very appreciative of the great work done by the SEMA Action Network (SAN) through its legislative mission. Monitoring the proposals issued by the various levels of government is key,” he says. The proud Canadian also belongs to a few local car clubs: Apple Valley Cruisers (Summerland), Okanagan Rodtiques (Penticton) and Coachmasters (Oliver).

Bob and Keith Jackman, former Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, have spearheaded British Columbia’s Collector Car Appreciation Day/Month (CCAD) initiative each July. Keith’s extensive government knowledge has made him a valuable asset to the SVABC’s efforts. He too is an avid auto aficionado who enjoys restored classics. As CCAD has grown across the U.S., the duo was determined to have their Canadian province establish an official recognition of the auto hobby’s positive impact on local communities. “Car clubs and enthusiasts do great work in supporting local charities, mechanical programs in schools, senior assistance and creating positive financial contributions to the communities where car shows are held.” Thus, a similar approach to CCAD was taken with the help of fellow club members. Inspired by the SAN-requested U.S. Senate Resolution, a Proclamation proposal was first prepared and submitted to government officials for approval in 2014. The group continues to work with their membership annually to promote celebrations honoring this special day and month.

Your efforts to promote our hobby’s “holiday” in the Great White North are valiant, Bob!

SAN Strike Force


Stay Up-to-Date on the RPM Act: Get the latest information on the motorsports bill at sema.org/epa-news.


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