Summertime . . . and the Living is Easy!

The heat is on! With visions of cruising in the forefront of our minds, mild temperatures have finally arrived for a large portion of our SEMA Action Network (SAN) community. The cold, wet and otherwise harsh conditions faced by many this winter undoubtedly felt like an eternity. And with the changing season, many state legislatures across the nation have adjourned for the year. An impressive number of legislative victories for the SAN army were gained. Check out all the year's action at semaSAN.com/Alerts.

During these challenging months, hopefully you were able to make progress on your project. I sure did. For the purposes of my own '31 Ford Model A coupe, the unusually dry winter and spring here in Southern California led to many exciting developments. At this time last year, a slew of modifications were being made to several key parts, all wearing a bare metal finish. As evident in the image pictured here, not only are the parts wearing paint, powdercoating or plating, but the rolling chassis is nearly ready for its drivetrain to be dropped in.

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Legislative Front Lines

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» Rhode Island Bills to Allow Replica Year of Manufacture License Plates Move to Governor

» New York Legislature Adjourns for the Year

» Province of Manitoba Again Proclaims July 11, 2014 as "COLLECTOR CAR APPRECIATION DAY"

» Illinois Bill to Encourage E15 Sales Dies as Legislature Adjourns

» South Carolina Bill to Increase Registration Fees Dies as Legislature Adjourns

» New Mexico Governor Again Proclaims "COLLECTOR CAR APPRECIATION DAY"

» New Hampshire Bill to Prohibit Ethanol Blended Gasoline at Levels Greater Than 10% Dies as Legislature Adjourns

» Illinois Bill to Provide Single License Plate for Antique Vehicles Dies as Legislature Adjourns

» California Lawmakers Issue Resolution Proclaiming July 11, 2014 as "COLLECTOR CAR APPRECIATION DAY"


SEMA SAN Strike Force

Huntingtown, Maryland's Jim Mothershead founded the SLUGS Car Club in 1957. Also a lifetime member of the National Street Rod Association (NSRA), he and wife Rosina just cruised to the 41st NSRA Street Rod Nationals East in York, Pennsylvania, as they have for all 41 of them!

It should come as no surprise to the SAN community that many folks have channeled their passion for the hobby into a successful career. At the age of 16, Jim Mothershead did just that. In 1957, he opened a hot rod shop called 'Chevy Specialties' in an old horse-and-buggy garage on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. "For $50, I would install 283 c.i. Chevy engines in anything with four wheels," he explains. The same year, he met future wife Rosina, his longtime partner in business and other car-related activities. Along with building several companies over the years, the pair has boasted many fine vintage vehicles among their collection. Interestingly, his '33 sedan delivery street rod once transported audio equipment to a ZZ Top rock concert!

While currently retired, Jim is anything but inactive. In recent years, he has returned to the hobbyist sector with a familiar drive. Through his informal e-mail network, affectionately known as "Car Nutz," he communicates with local enthusiasts in his area about upcoming events, vehicles/parts for sale and other hobby-related topics. Mothershead also spreads the word about legislative items, including SAN initiatives like the celebration of Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD). His regular sign-off reads "Ya gotta drive 'em." We couldn't agree more, Jim. Thanks for sharing this mantra with others!

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) hopes you have a pleasant and patriotic Independence Day!