Sports Car Champion Joins the Fight to Protect Motorsports

The year 2016 will be remembered for a number of notable reasons. Among them, a surprising end came to the most contentious U.S. election in recent memory. The electorate voted to “drain the swamp” and change appears to be the order of the day. How the new administration will affect the car and truck hobby remains to be seen. Of immediate concern to the SEMA Action Network (SAN) forces is the threat to racing posed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As you are aware, a bipartisan bill is pending in the U.S. House and Senate – called the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act – that would make clear that modifying a street vehicle for use solely in competition is legal and beyond the reach of U.S. EPA regulations. The effort’s background was detailed in the cover story of the Driving Force newsletter’s Summer 2016 edition. Recent discussions with the EPA have indicated that the agency still maintains that the Clean Air Act applies to vehicles and parts, both off and on the race track.

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SEMA SAN Strike Force

This self-portrait was taken by Lindsey Fisher on the edge of the dry lakebed in Johnson Valley, California. “We had just started to set up ‘Hammer Town’ for the 2015 King of the Hammers event,” she recalls. “I was sitting in the passenger seat of an official’s Polaris RZR side-by-side and pointed my camera into the side mirror and caught my reflection. The vast landscape of the lakebed would be home to over 50,000 people for race week just two weeks later!”

According to her bio page for the Rod Authority online magazine, Lindsey Fisher is “a freelance writer and lover of anything with a rumble.” She has covered the gamut of four-wheeled topics, including crafting insightful pieces on notable hot rods, writing and contributing photography for Goodguys, penning features for Nitto Tire's Driving Line magazine and helping with Ultra4 Racing's social media platform. Most recently, she’s created spotlights on automotive “Leading Ladies.” A resident of Fort Collins, Colorado, she is humble about her career. “I have been extremely fortunate to have experienced many things in this industry that many only dream of by being an automotive journalist,” explains Lindsey. “But, it's not the shows I attend, the celebrities I see or the perks I get to enjoy that ultimately stand out. For me, the best thing is meeting people who are incredibly passionate about their vehicles and everything they can do in this hobby. I feel very privileged to have had so many enthusiasts welcome me into their automotive story.”

Fisher started writing about the SEMA Action Network’s (SAN) legislative work back in 2012. “Until then, I had no idea what struggles the automotive community faced when it came to state and federal proposals. Being a firm believer that knowledge is power, everyone who likes cars and trucks needs to be aware of the obstacles we encounter. Those voices must be heard to keep our beloved hobby alive. Growing numbers are key in getting laws on the books that protect what we love! The SAN gives us a huge step up by organizing support for beneficial legislation as well as opposition to threats. I encourage others to stand behind the effort!”

This young professional also enjoys tinkering and traveling when time allows. While there is a long list of vehicles Lindsey would love to own one day, for now, she’d just like to get her current projects on the road. She has a ’95 Pontiac Trans Am that she used to drag race in addition to a ‘52 Ford F-1 pickup. She purchased the latter as an abandoned vehicle and has plans to turn it into a pro-touring car. Her role as an event staffer during the King of the Hammers race has also become a tradition for Fisher. The desert spectacle is well known for its challenging off-road terrain and harsh weather conditions. “It is one of those events I especially look forward to every year. I will continue to work it as long as I am able. Helping with setup, race week and tear down is always one of the highlights of my year!”

Your years of arming readers with legislative insights has been so valuable to the SAN’s cause, Lindsey! Hopefully your upcoming automotive adventures will be as exciting as those in the past.

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