Enough "Gift Horses” to Fill A Stable

By Colby Martin



It's commonly said that "Time flies when you're having fun.” While the statement is undeniably true, I've found the same condition to exist while making progress in general. Seemingly in a flash, another memorable year has drawn to a close. Heated mid-term elections have come and gone. Car show season has made way for car storage season. Plus, my own '31 Ford Model A coupe is nearly ready to fire up for the very first time since I began collecting its pieces. I think it's time we take a breather and count our blessings.


2014 bestowed not just a "gift horse,” but rather a team of them. The lengthy list of legislative victories appearing in the Winter issue's lead story is an encouraging reminder about the vital role our forces play in guiding the law.


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SEMA SAN Strike Force


Parent-child project builds are one of the most endearing elements of the car hobby. Journalist and SAN proponent Scott Martin (shown right) built the sleek 1965 Restomod Mustang seen here with his son Jamison, the car's owner. Found in non-operational condition in Culver City, California, the pair spent 10 years reconditioning and souping up the coupe. Among its highlights are a 4-barrel-fed 302 c.i. Ford small block, a 2-tone interior, custom instrument cluster and distinctive Satin Black paint with matte black powder-coated accents.


The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is lucky to have friends like Scott Martin. The AutoPhotoJournalist from Calabasas, California, regularly writes for DrivingLine.com and has featured the SAN in his coverage numerous times. In fact, the image in the leading article above was taken by Scott at the recent SEMA Ignited event in Las Vegas, Nevada. We first met him at SEMA's Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) celebration held at the association's southern California headquarters. After tenure as a professional musician, Martin worked in the entertainment industry for many years. However, his passion for cars eventually led him to become an independent auto broker, which he currently practices. His favorite cars have been his '65 Chevy Bel Air and a '66 camper van. Scott says that his recent foray into vehicle photography and covering car shows have developed naturally. "I've been a photographer since birth,” Martin states. "I've followed the medium's evolution every step of the way.”


Many thanks for spreading the good word about the SAN's legislative mission, Scott! If you'd like to connect, send him an e-mail here or look him up on Twitter: @carshowaholic





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