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Sung Kang, Courtney Hansen, Jessi Combs, Jimmy Shine and Industry Leaders Call on Racing Community to Support the RPM Act!

More than a dozen of racing’s recognizable faces released a new video calling on all motorsports fans and racers to take action and support the RPM Act – a bipartisan bill now pending in the U.S. Congress that would make it clear that modification of street vehicles for competition is legal now and in the future. The RPM Act addresses any doubts regarding regulation of racecars and gives the public and racecar industry much-needed certainty regarding how the Clean Air Act is applied. Check it out: https://youtu.be/oujbKm5pjxU

You can answer the call to support the RPM Act by contacting Congress at www.sema.org/rpmact.



Help Steer Our Nation’s Leadership: Register to Vote Now!

Much ground has been covered since that frigid February night in Iowa when our nation’s major political parties gathered at churches and in school gymnasiums to cast the first votes in this year’s presidential election. What started with more than a dozen candidates has been narrowed to two: businessman Donald Trump, the Republican, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrat. Not only will Americans choose the nation’s next president, but voters will also elect 435 members of the U.S. House, 34 U.S. senators, 12 governors and thousands of state and local leaders too. With the finish line in sight, there is no better time to prepare for and fulfill our civic duty as U.S. citizens.

Election Day is just around the corner. Even if you are not able to make it to the polls on November 8th, you likely have the option to vote early or by absentee ballot. The Voter Information tool at www.semaSAN.com/SEMAvotes provides you with information on your state’s voting dates and deadlines. In advance, find out if your state and federal representatives are affiliated with the hobby-friendly, SAN-supported Caucuses at www.semaSAN.com/StateCaucus and www.semaSAN.com/FederalCaucus. Locate your elected officials under the "Legislators" tab of the SAN website using this link.

Don’t delay. Make your plan to vote today! Be a part of our democracy and make your voice heard in November’s election.


Legislative Front Lines

Click here for the complete list of Legislative Action Alerts.


SEMA SAN Strike Force

This custom ’40 Ford is Fred Romo’s favorite car as it represents great family memories. With his wife Dixie riding shotgun, Fred is recognized everywhere he travels in this unique four-door.

Fred Romo was born in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, and grew up in farm country. “Working before and after school was fine but I knew early on that farming was not for me,” Fred exclaims. His personal escape became reading the “little” car magazines while he was in school. While working as a runner at one of the new car dealerships in town, he got to drive some impressive ‘50s-era cars: the Packard Hawk, the Packard Patrician and even the legendary “gull wing” Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. One memorable Monday morning, a ’48 Chev Fleetline appeared at the service door. It had all the right touches, including a scalloped paint job, tuck and roll upholstery, split exhaust manifold and even California plates!

Fred claims that he was “born into the hobby.” His involvement with car clubs began during his high school years in the ‘50s. He and some friends started the “Prairie Dusters” in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The group’s typical modifications included nosing, decking and fender skirts. “Lowering was also done the ‘standard’ way,” explains Romo. “We’d load up the trunk with cement blocks.” One of the meeting places was in the middle of the woods by the potato fields. In 1961, Fred moved to St. Paul and worked at a muffler and upholstery shop. After a seven-year stint, he moved on to St. Paul’s Ford Plant until retirement. Along the way, he’s owned number of custom vehicles. A ’49 Plymouth convertible, a ’56 Ford convertible-turned-hardtop and a ’64 Bonneville 4-door have made way for his current rides: a ’48 Pontiac 4-door and a ’40 Ford 4-door. As a result, his nickname is now “Four Door Fred.”

Since retiring from Ford, Romo attends even more street rod events and car shows in Minnesota and other states.  Fred also belongs to a number of clubs and attends meetings, volunteers and is very active.  “Active is the key word,” notes his friend Jim Shortz.  “He loves the social aspect of the car enthusiast community and has friends everywhere.”  Romo is a Founding Father and membership director of the Old Farts Timing Association (OFTA).  He joined the Minnesota Street Rod Association (MSRA) in 1973 as well as the Amblers and National Street Rod Association in 1974.  Fred is also a proud member of the MSRA’s Legislative Committee, a group that has a history of working with the SEMA Action Network (SAN).  “I see the SAN as the national voice for the hobby.”  Through this committee, MSRA has provided a strong influence on laws affecting hobbyists in Minnesota.  He and the fellow members continue to push others to get involved with the SAN.  They also encourage Minnesota legislators to enlist in the SAN-supported State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus.  Shortz adds, “Fred truly lives the MSRA’s motto of ‘friends, fun, and fellowship’.”

Your enthusiasm for the four-wheeled community is shared and appreciated by us all, Four Door Fred!


SEMA SAN Driving Force, Spring 2016