The Class of 2013

Following last year’s elections, an aggressive recruiting effort initiated in 2013 has brought an impressive number of lawmakers into the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. With 129 new members recruited this year, the group is comprised of approximately 600 total members from all 50 states. Founded in 2005 and supported by SEMA, the Caucus is designed as a non-partisan group of state legislators whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles. Here is the complete list of those who have joined this year: Read more »



Legislative Front Lines


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SEMA SAN Strike Force

Bob Chubala (right) of the Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs (M.A.A.C.) triumphantly displays the province’s new “Collector” license plate with several event participants, including automotive media personality Dennis Gage (left).

The Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs (M.A.A.C.) hosted its third annual Collector Car Appreciation Day event on Friday, July 12, 2013, with many members of Manitoba’s specialty vehicle clubs in attendance. Taking place on the grounds of the Provincial Legislative Building and surrounding area in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the event hosted about 500 collector cars with speakers representing all three levels of government: federal, provincial and civic. Included in the celebration was a special unveiling of the long-awaited “Collector” license plate by Justice Minister Andrew Swan, the minister responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance. According to administrators of the Collector Vehicle Program, this plate is “designed to reflect the infrequent use of these vehicles and the extraordinary care and maintenance owners provide for them.” In turn, they will offer enthusiasts a vintage look resembling Manitoba plates from the past. This program is scheduled to take effect March 1, 2014, pending approval by Public Utilities Board. The official release is available using this link. Congratulations to M.A.A.C. and the citizens of Manitoba for this joyous news in coordination with our hobby’s “holiday!”


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