Members of the SEMA-supported State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus from the state of Kansas (from left): Senators Jeff Longbine (R-Emporia), Elaine Bowers (R-Concordia) and Les Donovan (R-Wichita).


Walking the Walk

Members of the SEMA-supported State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus share many similarities. For example, all currently serve as lawmakers in state capitols around the country and all support legislative policies that promote the automotive hobby and the industry that serves it. Three state legislators from a single state have even more in common; each is a State Senator in Kansas and each runs a car dealership in the Sunflower State. Senators Les Donovan (R-Wichita), Jeff Longbine (R-Emporia) and Elaine Bowers (R-Concordia) have been in the automotive industry for 52, 27, and 25 years respectively and each came to public service with the goal of allowing businesses and communities to prosper.

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Legislative Front Lines

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SEMA SAN Strike Force

The Primer Podcast's William (center) and Davis (left) recently sat down for a discussion about the SEMA Action Network (SAN) with SAN Director Colby Martin. Recorded live in Pomona, California, Colby turned his personal garage into a makeshift “recording studio” for the session. As one might predict when several gearheads are surrounded by vehicles and parts, the conversation evolved from legislative-focused topics and elements of the SAN into tales of involvement in the hobby. Check out the full recording and pictures from the day at this link or by clicking the image above.

“We’re basically gearheads who spend a lot of time working on old stuff primarily related to cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, houses and everything in between,” states the Primer Podcast’s website. Sound familiar? The show’s Long Beach, California-based hosts William and Davis have much in common with the SEMA Action Network’s (SAN) vast membership. As long-time car enthusiasts, the duo has expanded their participation in the hobby using a unique blend of state-of-the-art technology combined with practical know-how and connections. For those unfamiliar with the term “podcast,” the format is similar to a radio broadcast but the product is syndicated on the Internet and can include visual/video content as well. This video link to their description of the medium might provide some clarity for the uninitiated: http://youtu.be/MhClQSRFVIY. Episodes of the Primer Podcast generally last about an hour to allow in-depth coverage of a given subject and are available through several channels.

Much like building a project vehicle, William and Davis are constructing their show from the ground up. For example, these two can tape a show just as easily whether traveling to an off-site location or recording at home. In fact, they often produce the series right from their own garage. Although their interests are generally vintage in nature, the guys highlight subjects spanning the specialty vehicle market. The program covers a variety of automotive displays and personalities, racing events, profile interviews and even aircraft shows. As you’ll see above, the SAN was fortunate to make a guest appearance recently. Thanks for a great experience, William and Davis, and for helping spread the good word about our cause! We’re looking forward to the follow-up appearance.

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