August 2006

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Old Cars Get New Life

States Line Up to Pass Pro-Hobby Antique Legislation

Lawmakers across the country are again showing their support for the antique automobile hobby by enacting new laws to reduce the burden of owning and registering these vintage vehicles. These measures, which range from one-time registration fees to expanding existing "limited use" restrictions, further on-going efforts to highlight the importance and historic significance of the antique auto hobby.

"Legislators everywhere continue to recognize the immeasurable amount of time, money and effort automotive hobbyists invest in their cars. These new laws represent a continued commitment to the hobby," said Steve McDonald, SEMA vice president of government affairs. "These SAN-supported initiatives not only encourage increased participation in the auto hobby but also will ensure that the hobby will be enjoyed by future generations."

One such measure in South Carolina to provide an exemption from property taxes for motor vehicles licensed and registered as antiques was signed into law by Governor Mark Sanford. The new law defines an "antique" as every motor vehicle which is "over 25-years old, is owned solely as a collector's item and is used for participation in club activities, exhibits, tours, parades and similar uses, but in no event used for general transportation."

Another initiative to provide for a one-time registration fee of $50 for vehicles at least 60 years old was passed by the Maryland State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Bob Ehrlich. Under the measure, the one-time registration is not transferable to a subsequent owner.

Pro-hobby legislation has also been enacted in West Virginia through a measure that would amend the state's current law governing antique motor vehicles to permit their use on Friday evenings. Under the previous West Virginia law, use of antique vehicles was strictly limited to club activities, exhibits, tours, parades, testing, obtaining repairs and for recreational purposes only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. A similar law was passed in Tennessee which would allow registered antique vehicles to be used for "general transportation purposes" on Saturdays and Sundays.

In another positive move for hobbyists, lawmakers in Kansas decided to extend the state's antique vehicle provisions to qualifying military vehicles. Signed into law by Governor Kathleen Sebelius, the measure defines an "antique military vehicle" as a vehicle, regardless of the vehicle's size or weight, which was manufactured for use in any country's military forces and is maintained to represent its military design. In Kansas, "antique" vehicles must be more than 35-years old, and propelled by a motor using petroleum fuel, steam or electricity or any combination of these three. All antiques are afforded a one-time registration fee of $40.

In addition to seeing these pro-hobby bills signed into law, enthusiasts were also successful in defeating harmful proposals directly targeting antique vehicles.

Enthusiasts in Illinois defeated two measures which would have further restricted the ability of vehicle hobbyists to maintain inoperable vehicles on private property as the bills were not acted upon prior to the adjournment of the legislature. The first bill would have removed historic vehicles over 25 years old from a list exempting them from inoperable vehicle ordinances. While the second bill would have changed the definition of "inoperable motor vehicle" to include those which, for a period of at least 7 days, had the engine, wheels, or other parts removed, altered, or damaged so that the vehicle was incapable of being driven under its own power.  The current law allows 6 months as opposed to 7 days.

Hobbyists in West Virginia defeated a harmful measure that would have redefined "abandoned motor vehicles" to include vehicles or vehicle parts which are either unlicensed or inoperable, or both, are not in an enclosed building and have remained on private property for more than 30 days.

Ohio enthusiasts were also successful in stalling consideration of a bill that would further restrict the ability of state vehicle hobbyists from maintaining inoperable vehicles on private property. The bill would have provided authority to townships to remove inoperable vehicles deemed to be "junk," including collector cars, from private property.

"The SAN is truly grateful to all the car clubs and individual enthusiasts who contacted their elected officials on these important issues," said Jason Tolleson, director of the SEMA Action Network. "Their tireless efforts reflect the continued commitment to preserve the antique auto hobby.

For more information on these and other legislative proposals, visit www.semasan.com.


Enthusiasts Have a Friend in the Empire State

With the growth of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus to nearly 140 members, state lawmakers from around the country continue to show their dedication and love for everything automotive by listing their names among their fellow car-loving colleagues. One such lawmaker is New York State Assemblyman Bill Reilich.

Assemblyman Reilich joined the Caucus in February and has immediately shown his willingness to get involved in keeping the laws in New York fair and hobby-friendly. Recently, Reilich's quick response helped delay action on a bill that threatened to ban brush and grille guards on all motor vehicles in New York state that use public roadways.

"Assemblyman Reilich understood that this proposed ban relies heavily on unsubstantiated claims that grille guards, among other things, obstruct airbag sensors," said SEMA Vice President, Government Affairs Steve McDonald. "The measure also ignores an existing federal prohibition against selling or installing equipment that would take a vehicle out of compliance with federal safety standards that cover occupant crash protection. Our friend Bill Reilich is leading the charge in the New York Legislature to ensure that the hobbyist point of view is considered in this debate."

Reilich has also indicated a desire to serve on the Assembly's Transportation Committee in order to help safeguard the rights of motor vehicle enthusiasts.  His current advocacy efforts on behalf of small businesses benefit the many industry members who cater to this growing crowd.

As one can imagine, being a full-time legislator keeps Assem-blyman Reilich very busy. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to fit in all the "car stuff," adding touches to his Cadillac XLR and constantly working on and refining his '57 Chevy. As a self-described Chip Foose and "Overhaulin'" fan, Reilich recently added a set of Foose wheels to his car.
Q: Tell us a little bit more about your vehicles and your personal interest in the hobby.

My love of automobiles was inherited from my father. Although he never worked on cars, especially to the extent I always have, he would always end up at the car dealership looking at the newest models and almost every year ended up with the latest model. Cars and my love of them goes way back to my early days of my pedal car. I think nearly every car enthusiast can remember that first day they were hooked.

I can remember approaching the legal age to drive when I would spend much of my time imagining what my first car would be. That first car was actually a gift from my brother. It was a '64 Plymouth Valiant that required a great deal of work due to the rust and age of the vehicle. That car, however, inspired me and also provided me the opportunity to learn both mechanical repairs and body work. I not only worked with fiberglass as I placed a huge hood scoop on the hood, I also learned how to paint a car. I finished the Valiant using a technique popular at the time called "spider webbing" which involved layering silver over the black paint.

Q: Many would say that America has a love affair with the automobile. People have tinkered with, restyled, restored and modified their vehicles since the car was invented. However, it has become increasingly difficult for hobbyists to pursue these interests. Why do you think it is important to protect the automotive hobby in light of efforts to limit what people can do with their cars?

I believe that car enthusiasts realize that modifying newer vehicles and restoring older ones is a hobby that can be enjoyed by both the young and the old. This not only allows us to express our personalities through our vehicles, but allows us to regain our past, just as I was able to do by obtaining a 73 Mustang Mach 1. The Mustang was a car I used to dream about while in high school, but at that time was well beyond what I could afford.  Protecting the rights of hobbyists to restore or enhance their vehicles will ensure that future generations will be able to fulfill their own car dreams.

Q: As a Caucus member, is there any proactive legislation you would like to see introduced to protect the rights of hobbyists?

As a New York State Legislator, I have been diligent in my efforts to protect the interests of automobile enthusiasts in my state. When researching bills dealing with vehicle modification, I am careful to share with my colleagues the whole and accurate picture regarding the proposed legislation. Those that don't share our love of the automobile are often unaware of the true affect of many of the bills. I am committed to my fellow auto enthusiasts and the hobby we enjoy. As I look toward the start of our 2007 legislative session in Albany, I will become a member of the Transportation Committee. This will allow me to be aware of new legislation well before it would come to the entire body for a vote. I look forward to continuing my work with the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus as a member of the New York State legislature so that I can ensure the voices of the auto enthusiasts are heard.

Q: What advice do you have for those involved in the hobby who may want to take an active role in protecting their rights as auto enthusiasts?

America's love affair with the automobile started long, long ago and will continue as each young child dreams of their first car. America's appetite for obtaining a vehicle is as significant as the desire to own a home. It is a slice of the American Dream and the automobile is deeply embedded in our American culture. My advice would be for hobbyists to stay informed and engage their lawmakers on the issues that matter most to them.  From state laws to city ordinances, it is important that individuals get involved so they can educate elected officials on the impact these laws may have on this great hobby of ours.

For more information on the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus, including a complete listing of its members, visit www.semasan.com.

Read All About It!

Thousands Learn About SAN During Annual Tour With amazing weather and even more spectacular vehicles on display, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) joined with long haulers and local spectators alike in the annual Hot Rod magazine Power Tour. Starting in Orlando, Florida and winding its way up to Englishtown, New Jersey, the event brought together car enthusiasts young and old and vehicles of all makes and models.

"I would personally like to thank all of the enthusiasts who signed up for SAN while on the Power Tour," said SAN Director Jason Tolleson. "Each day of the tour, I had the opportunity to meet with countless individuals who understand the importance of becoming involved in influencing the laws that impact our hobby."

In addition to signing up new SAN members, SEMA staff were also on hand to photograph and distribute more than 370 press releases to local newspapers, promoting the SAN's participation in the event.

Editor's note: For you long haulers out there who had your cars featured in your local papers, please send a copy to:

SEMA Action Network
1317 F Street, NW, Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20004


Show Stopper

'67 Camaro
Steve McDonough
Pembroke, Massachusetts

I met Peter Newell of Competition Specialties at a local car show and was quite impressed with his paint work. I thought about asking Peter to add some flames to my '67 Camaro.   However, after a visit to his shop I knew that it was time to turn that Camaro into something special.

First to be upgraded was the drive train.  I had a typical small block, but this car deserved more.  So we threw in a fuel injected 502 big block.  Next was the suspension.  We felt the leaf springs belonged on a Dart...not a Camaro. We scrapped them for a ladder bar set up. The body also got the special treatment as we molded in some C-5 door handles and tail lights. I always loved the look of the '59 Chevy dash so we incorporated that into the interior with a custom console that flows into the back, and around the back seats (all steel).  Finally we were back to the paint which is why I originally approached Peter. We went with House Of Kolor 3-stage Tangerine with a signature "Peter Newell" flame job.

Rest assured this is no trailer queen.  I've put over 10,000 miles on it since the project was completed.  Special thanks to Competition Specialties and DMCRacing.com for an amazing job.  Not only did I become a new customer, but I found a great friend in Peter.  We are now in the process of thinking about what to do with some of the other toys in the garage.

500HP 502ci
TCI Turbo 400 transmission
Chrome Tunnel Ram Fuel Injection

Custom DMC Racing ladder-bar rear suspension
Air Ride air suspension front and rear
Willwood polished six-piston brake system

Colorado Customs 18-inch wheels BF Goodrich KDW Other Fun Stuff: Vintage Air Heat/AC
Dakota Digital gauges

Thanks to all who have sent in or e-mailed us photos. Please continue to send us photos of your trail rides, restorations in progress, rod runs, car shows, charity events and drag races. Kindly submit pictures to: san@sema.org.

On The Road Again

We invite you to stop by and meet with Jason Tolleson, director of the SEMA Action Network, at this event in August:

August 18-20
Berlin, Connecticut
Eastern States Nationals
Information: www.rightcoastcars.com or 800/753-3978

We Get Letters

Dear Editor:

My name is John Wyatt and I own and operate a motorsports track (Muddrags Of San Antonio) that races 4x4 trucks and highly modified vehicles. I was reading the article about your assistance with the land use issue in Minnesota. Even though this may not have affected me locally, I truly appreciate the SEMA Action Network taking a positive stand and supporting this section of the automotive industry and this group of truck owners.

If there is ever any such activity or anything like this that would effect Texas, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help in any way that I can. It is really reassuring to know that there is a group like the SEMA Action Network to keep a watchful eye out for proposed legislation like this. It is much better to stop legislation such as this before it becomes a law than try to change them or worse yet, to try to live with them.

Thank you,

John Wyatt
San Antonio, TX


Thank you for your letter about the land use bill in Minnesota. If enacted, the measure would have severely limited 4x4 truck access in the state. Such a proposal would not only have impacted local riders, but other enthusiasts who pass through the state in search of off-road recreational opportunities. In addition, should the bill have been enacted, other states may have also attempted to further restrict off-road access in their states.  I agree that it is vital that we all stay informed about the different legislative proposals regardless of what state you may live in or what type of vehicle you may drive. There are far too many threats, and opportunities, that face this hobby to stand by and allow proposals to move through the legislative process without input from the enthusiast community. I appreciate your continued support!

Jason Tolleson
Editor, Driving Force



August 5-7, Prescott
Car Show and Swap Meet
Sponsor: Prescott Antique Auto Club
Information: ware@cableone.net or 928/778-5386

July 31-August 3, Truckee
National Solid Axle Corvette Club Convention
Sponsor: SACC
Information: www.solidaxle.org or 916/991-7040 

August 6, Long Beach
Cadillac Concours D'Elegance
Sponsor: Cadillac Club International Consortium
Information: 951/845-5916
August 12, Long Beach
1956 Golden Anniversary Show
Sponsor: L.A. Classic Chevy Club
Information: www.golden567shows.com or 714/375-0889
August 19, Atascadero
17th Annual Atascadero Lake Car Show
Sponsor: Mid-State Cruizers
Information: www.midstatecruizers.org or 805/461-1282
August 25-27, Pleasanton
20th Havoline West Coast Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys
Information: www.good-guys.com or
August 27, Chatsworth
41st Annual Parts Exchange
Sponsor: San Fernando Valley Chapter
of the MTFCA
Information: 661/296-3668
August 31-September 2, Sunnyvale
AACA National Meet
Sponsor: AACA, Foothills Region
Information: www.aaca.org or 717/534-1910

August 26, Brighton
Old Car Council of Colorado Annual Swap Meet
Sponsor: Old Car Council of Colorado
Information: 303/426-8843

August 18-20, Berlin
Eastern States Nationals
Sponsor: Right Coast Assn.
Information: www.rightcoastcars.com or
August 20, Goshen
31st Annual Auto Show and Swap Meet
Sponsor: Litchfield Hills Historical Auto Club
Information: 860/485-9159


August 6, Chicago
3rd Annual Classic Car Show Benefiting Arthritis Foundation, Greater Chicago
Information: mpoland@arthritis.org or 312/372-2080
August 13, Geneva
All-Pontiac Car Show
Sponsor: Cruisin Tigers GTO Club
Information: www.cruisintigersgto.com
August 20, Olney
20th Anniversary White Squirrel Cruisers Car Show
Sponsor: White Squirrel Cruisers
Information: rlh@omegabbs.com or 618/843-8822
August 24-26, Rockford
AACA Central Division National Fall Meet
Sponsor: Blackhawk Region AACA
Information: 815/275-4292
August 25-27, Springfield
27th Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts Hot Rod Super Nationals
Information: www.familyevents.com or

August 18-20, Indianapolis
13th Annual Toyo Tires Import and Truck Bash
Information: www.familyevents.com or

August 6, Boone
41st Annual Swap Meet and Car Show
Sponsor: Tall Corn Region, AACA
Information: 515/432-2540

August 3-6, Louisville
37th Annual Street Rod Nationals
Sponsor: National Street Rod Assn.
Information: www.nsra-usa.com or 901/452-4030

August 20, Medway
Mass Cruisers 15th Annual Car Show
Sponsor: Mass Cruisers
Information: www.masscruisers.com or

August 10-12, Detroit
1956 Chevy 50th Anniversary Celebration
Information: www.classicchevy.com or

August 4, White Bear Lake
White Bear Dodge Nite Show
Sponsor: Midwest Mopars
Information: 763/755-6119
August 6-9, Bloomington/Minneapolis
26th International Late Great Chevy Convention
Sponsor: Gopher State Late Great Chevys
Information: www.lategreatchevy.com or

August 2-6, Springfield
32nd Classic Chevy International Convention
Sponsor: Classic Chevy Club of Springfield
Information: www.classicchevy.com or

August 11-13, Polson
Valley Cruisers Car Show
Sponsor: Valley Cruisers
Information: 406/644-2339

24th Annual Pontiac, GMC, Oakland Show
Sponsor: Nebraskaland Chapter, POCI
Information: joeandrachel@cox.net or

August 3-5, Reno
Hot August Nights/41st Annual Reno Classic Car & Parts Swap Meet
Information: www.renoswapmeet.com or

August 13, Wayne
15th Annual Car Show
Sponsor: Tri-County Cruisers
Information: cwegman@wegmanassociates.com or 973/862-0288
August 25-27, Parsippany
East Coast GTOAA Pontiac Car Show
Sponsor: Garden State GTOs
Information: www.garden-state-gtos.org or 201/405-1158

August 21, Albuquerque
Make-A-Wish Car Show
Sponsor: Rio Grande Corvette Club
Information: stardustboxers@comcast.net or 505/831-3723

August 6, Rochester
46th Annual Car Show, Car Corral, and
Flea Market
Sponsor: Genesee Valley Antique Car Society
Information: www.gvacs.com or 585/624-1071
August 13, Saugerties
49th Annual Car Show
Sponsor: Saugerties Antique Auto Club
Information: 845/331-4450
August 20, Sylvan Beach
30th Annual Antique Car Show
Sponsor: Mohican Model A Ford Club
Information: www.28-31ford.org


August 4-6, Norwalk
15th Anniversary Tri-Power Pontiac Nationals
Information: www.pontiacnationals.com or 419/663-7383
August 6, Crofton
Hartford Fair Car Show
Information: www.hartfordfair.com or
August 12, Columbus
Classic Car Cruise-In Chicken and Corn Roast
Sponsor: Aladdin Car Club
Information: 614/475-2609
August 12, Newark
3rd Annual Courage Classic
Information: 710/345-7030

August 4-6, Carlisle
Carlisle All-Truck Nationals
Information: www.carlisleevents.com or 717/243-7855
August 5, Pennypacker Mills Historic Site Pennypacker Mills British Car Day
Sponsor: Delaware Valley Classic MG Chapter
Information: www.dvcmg.com or 610/831-1531
August 13, Harrisburg
18th Annual M.D.A. Car Show
Sponsor: Special Interest Auto Unit,
Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Information: 717/469-0065
August 18-20, Bloomsburg
19th Annual Toyo Tires Summer
4-Wheel Jamboree
Information: www.familyevents.com or
August 19, Perkaskie
Under the Stars Antique, Classic, and
Custom Car Show
Information: 215/257-5706
August 25-27, Macungie
WOTSRA Rod and Custom Jamboree
Sponsor: Wheels of Time Street Rod Assn.
Information: www.wheelsoftime.org or
August 25-27, Carlisle
Corvettes at Carlisle
Information: www.carlisleevents.com or

August 1-5, Kingsport
Professional Car Society's 30th Anniversary International Meet
Information: fdpetke@chartertn.net or 423/288-3454

August 12-13, Fort Worth
Yellow Rose Classic
Sponsor: North Texas Mustang Club
Information: www.ntmc.org/yellowrose or

August 5-6, Essex Junction
12th Annual Bond Auto Parts 4-Wheel Jamboree
Information: www.familyevents.com or

August 25-27, Richmond
Richmond Nationals
Sponsor: National Street Rod Assn.
Information: www.nsra-usa.com or 901/452-4030
August 18-20, Spokane
5th Great Northwest Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys
Information: www.good-guys.com or

August 5, Meadow Bridge
Homecoming Car Show
Sponsor: Rustbucket Rebels Car Club
Information: www.rustbucketrebels.com or 304/237-5864

August 5, Green Bay
14th Annual Denil-Wall Oldsmobile Show
Sponsor: Oldsmobile Club of Wisconsin
Information: 920/465-1502
August 13, Lebanon
Buick-Pontiac-Oldsmobile Car Show
Sponsor: Southern Ohio Buckeye Chapter, POCI
Information: www.sobcpoci.com or 937/746-5916
August 13, Waukesha
Waukesha Old Car Club Show
Sponsor: Waukesha Old Car Club
Information: www.waukeshaoldcarclub.com
August 18-20, Waukesha
17th Great Lakes Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys
Information: www.good-guys.com or 925/838-9876

Early September 2006 Events


September 1-3, Kansas City
5th Midwestern Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys
Information: www.good-guys.com or


September 2, Spencer
10th Annual All Mopar Show
Sponsor: Carolina Region Plymouth
Owners Club
Information: uncuncc26@aol.com or 828/245-7220


September 2-3, Millington
3rd Annual All Star Event
Information: 901/377-5575

Newly Introduced Legislation

Note: The following state bills are not laws. They were recently introduced
and are currently under consideration by the respective state legislatures:

Pennsylvania HB 2741: Adds second class cities to those cities that provide
for reports and the removal of abandoned vehicles. A second class city has a
population between 500,000 and 999,999 people and must elect to become a
second class city.

Delaware HB 453: Makes it illegal for a dealer to sell a motor
vehicle with tinted windows that are in violation of Delaware law.

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One of the best ways to keep us abreast of what’s going on and what’s important to the vehicle hobbies nationwide is for us to receive your club newsletters and updates. Please consider placing SEMA on your mailing list. Send correspondence to: SEMA Action Network, 1317 F Street, N.W., Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20004-1105. Or by e-mail at san@sema.org.