Virginia Becomes First to Revoke California's Emissions Standards, EV Mandates

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced last week that the Commonwealth would not adopt California’s 2035 ban on selling new gas- and diesel-powered motor vehicles. Virginia lawmakers passed a law in 2021 under Youngkin’s predecessor, tying the state to California's emissions standards, which includes California’s 100% EV mandate by 2035. Since then, SAN-supported bills aiming to repeal the law have narrowly failed to pass the Democratically controlled legislature. Elected in 2021, Youngkin campaigned on repealing California’s standards and pledged to follow through during his 2023 State of the Commonwealth address.

Your continued advocacy plays a crucial role in achieving these legislative victories, thus ensuring freedom of vehicle choice and innovation in the automotive community.


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SEMA California Rally Recap: Uniting for the Future of the Automotive Community

The SEMA California Rally, hosted in Sacramento on June 5, brought together businesses within the automotive specialty-equipment industry to amplify their voices and advocate for policies conducive to industry growth and innovation.

Participants engaged with influential California lawmakers, leveraging their collective voice to champion policies supporting industry growth. Key legislative topics included supporting cutting-edge vehicle technologies, Proposition 65, emissions compliance, and a SAN-opposed proposal mandating speed limiters in new vehicles.