State Legislators Who Support the Hobby

State Legislators Who Support the Automotive Hobby, Leadership Caucus, SEMA Action Network

State legislators around the country with a common goal to support the motor vehicle hobby have joined the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus.  The Caucus is a nonpartisan group of state lawmakers whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles.  The Caucus will help raise the motor vehicle hobby’s profile in the state legislatures and in the eyes of the public.  Working in state capitals, many of these legislators have sought to preserve and protect the hobby by seeking the amendment of existing motor vehicle statutes and creating new programs to safeguard and expand the hobby.  Over the past several years, their work has brought a series of significant legislative accomplishments for the vehicle enthusiast community on issues ranging from equipment standards to registration classifications, and from emissions test exemptions to hobbyist rights. By joining the Caucus, these legislators have demonstrated their commitment to upholding the rights of vehicle enthusiasts.  In addition, hobbyists will be able to quickly identify which state legislators have chosen to be recognized for their support of this great American hobby.

State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus

Delegate Gary Howell (West Virginia)

Chairman Emeritus
Former Assemblymember Bill Reilich (New York)

Senator Jim Scheer

Senator Moises (Mo) Denis
Senator Don Gustavson
Senator David Parks
Senator Tick Segerblom
Senator Pat Spearman
Assemblymember Paul Anderson
Assemblymember Richard Carrillo Assemblyman Chris Edwards
Assemblymember John Hambrick
Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner
Assemblymember James Oscarson
Assemblymember Jim Wheeler

New Hampshire
Senator Kevin Avard
Senator Andy Sanborn
Representative Steve Beaudoin
Representative Linda DiSilvestro
Representative Daniel Eaton
Representative Thomas Kaczynski
Representative Patricia Lovejoy
Representative Mariellen MacKay
Representative Carol McGuire Representative David Murotake
Representative Keith Murphy
Representative Sherman Packard
Representative Joe Pitre
Representative Mark Proulx
Representative Laurie Sanborn
Representative Steven Smith
Representative James Webb Representative Ken Weyler

New Jersey
Assemblymember Marlene Caride
Assemblymember Timothy Eustace
Assemblymember Thomas Giblin
Assemblymember Jamel Holley
Assemblymember Joseph Lagana
Assemblymember Angela McKnight
Assemblymember Sheila Oliver
Assemblymember Erik Peterson
Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus
Assemblyman Kevin Rooney
Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi
Assemblyman Parker Space
Assemblymember Shavonda Sumter
Assemblymember Harold Wirths

New Mexico
Senator Clemente Sanchez
Representative Candy Spence Ezzell
Representative Joanne Ferrary
Representative Jimmie C. Hall
Representative Rodolpho Martinez
Representative Bill Rehm
Representative Patricio Ruiloba
Representative Christine Trujillo
Representative Bob Wooley

New York
Senator Phil Boyle
Senator Jeff Klein
Senator Thomas O'Mara
Assemblymember William Barclay
Assemblymember Marc Butler
Assemblymember Clifford Crouch
Assemblymember Steve Englebright
Assemblymember Gary Finch
Assemblymember Mike Fitzpatrick
Assemblymember Joseph Giglio
Assemblymember Andy Goodell
Assemblymember Steve Hawley
Assemblymember Mark Johns
Assemblymember Brian Kolb
Assemblymember Peter Lawrence
Assemblymember Donna Lupardo
Assemblymember Chad Lupinacci
Assemblymember David McDonough
Assemblymember Mike Montesano
Assemblymember Bob Oaks
Assemblymember Philip A. Palmesano
Assemblymember Crystal Peoples-Stokes
Assemblymember Edward Ra
Assemblymember Andrew Raia
Assemblymember Joseph Saladino
Assemblymember Angelo Santabarbara

North Carolina
Senator Andrew Brock
Senator Jim Davis
Senator Joyce Krawliec
Senator Shirley B. Randleman
Senator Mike Woodard
Representative Kelly Alexander
Representative John Blust
Representative Dana Bumgardner
Representative Becky Carney
Representative George Cleveland
Representative Rosa Gill
Representative Ken Goodman
Representative Kelly Hastings
Representative Julia Howard
Representative Frank Iler
Representative Susan Martin
Representative Tim Moore
Representative Bobbie Richardson
Representative Jason R. Saine
Representative Mitchell Setzer
Representative Michael Speciale
Representative Bob Steinburg

North Dakota
Senator Dwight Cook
Senator Dick Dever
Senator James Dotzenrod
Senator Lonnie Laffen
Senator Oley Larsen
Senator Judy Lee
Senator Tim Mathern
Representative Dick Anderson
Representative Chuck Damschen
Representative Craig Headland
Representative Pat Heinert
Representative Jerry Kelsh
Representative Vernon Laning 
Representative David Monson
Representative Jon Nelson
Representative Mark Owens
Representative Chet Pollert
Representative Dan J. Ruby
Representative Robin Weisz

Representative Michael Ashford
Representative John Becker
Representative Andrew Brenner

Senator Mark Allen
Senator Kim David
Representative Dennis Casey
Representative Bob Cleveland
Representative Jeff Coody
Representative Scott Inman
Representative Chris Kannady 
Representative David Perryman
Representative Cory Williams

Representative Jeff Barker
Representative Brian Clem
Representative Ken Helm
Representative Jeff Reardon

Senator Lisa Boscola
Senator John Eichelberger Jr.
Senator Daylin Leach
Senator Patrick Stefano
Representative Stephen Bloom
Representative Alexander Charlton
Representative Scott Conklin
Representative Dom Costa
Representative Bryan Cutler
Representative Margo Davidson
Representative Tina Davis
Representative Hal English
Representative Marcia Hahn
Representative Michael Hanna
Representative Patrick Harkins
Representative Kate Harper
Representative Bill Kortz
Representative John Lawrence
Representative Mark Longietti
Representative Ryan Mackenzie
Representative David Maloney
Representative Eddie Day Pashinski
Representative Curt Sonney
Representative Marcy Toepel

Rhode Island
Senator Stephen Archambault
Senator Louis DiPalma
Senator Hanna Gallo
Senator Elaine Morgan
Representative Stephen Casey

Representative Antonio Giarrusso
Representative Carol McEntee
Representative Robert Nardolillo
Representative Justin Price
Representative Joseph Solomon
Representative Thomas Winfield

South Carolina
Senator Greg Hembree
Senator Katrina Shealy
Representative Carl Anderson 
Representative James Mikell Burns
Representative William Chumley
Representative Gregory Duckworth 
Representative Raye Felder
Representative Craig Gagnon
Representative Dan Hamilton
Representative Kevin Hardee 
Representative John King
Representative Cezar McKnight
Representative Dennis Moss
Representative J. Gary Simrill
Representative Garry R. Smith
Representative Tommy Stringer
Representative Richie Yow

South Dakota
Senator Arthur Rusch
Representative Chip Campbell
Representative Peggy Gibson
Representative Lee Qualm
Representative Tona Rozum
Representative Mark Willadsen
Representative Larry Zikmund

Senator Janice Bowling
Senator Bill Ketron
Representative Harry Brooks
Representative Sheila Butt
Representative Jimmy Eldridge
Representative JoAnne Favors
Representative Craig Fitzhugh
Representative John Forgety
Representative Tilman Goins
Representative Darren Jernigan
Representative Sherry Jones
Representative Bob Ramsey
Representative Jay Reedy
Representative Courtney Rogers
Representative Charles Michael Sargent
Representative Mike Sparks
Representative Joe Towns
Representative Mark White

Senator Larry Taylor 
Senator Van Taylor
Representative Garnet Coleman
Representative Wayne Faircloth
Representative Larry Gonzales
Representative Rick Miller
Representative Tom Oliverson
Representative Joe Pickett
Representative Drew Springer
Representative Valoree Swanson
Representative James White
Representative Paul Workman
Representative Gene Wu

Senator Gene Davis
Senator Margaret Dayton
Senator Howard Stephenson
Senator Todd Weiler
Representative Christine Watkins
Representative Bradley Daw
Representative Susan Duckworth
Representative Gage Froerer
Representative Gregory Hughes
Representative Lee Perry
Representative Robert Spendlove

Representative Logan  Wilde

Senator Joe Benning
Senator Kevin Mullin
Senator Richard Westman
Representative Lynn Batchelor
Representative Steve Beyor
Representative Patrick Brennan
Representative Susan Buckholz
Representative Jim Condon
Representative Robert Helm
Representative Rob LaClair
Representative Paul Lefebvre
Representative Corey Parent
Representative David Sharpe
Representative Joseph "Chip" Troiano
Representative Cindy Weed
Representative Janssen Willhoit

Senator Emmett Hanger
Senator L. Louise Lucas
Delegate Jennifer Boysko
Delegate Riley Ingram
Delegate Mark L Keam
Delegate Dave LaRock
Delegate Jay Leftwich Jr.
Delegate Kaye Kory
Delegate Daniel Marshall
Delegate Kenneth Plum
Delegate Mark Sickles
Delegate Ron A. Villanueva

Senator Jan Angel
Senator Bob Hasegawa
Senator Jim Honeyford

Senator Lynda Wilson
Representative Andrew Barkis
Representative Cary Condotta
Representative Laurie Dolan

Representative Tom Dent 
Representative Mark Harmsworth
Representative Paul Harris
Representative Jeff Holy
Representative Drew MacEwen
Representative Dick Muri
Representative Ed Orcutt
Representative Joe Schmick
Representative Sharon Wylie

West Virginia
Senator Stephen Baldwin
Senator Bob Beach
Senator Craig Blair
Senator Mitch Carmichael
Senator Kent Leonhardt
Senator Mark Maynard
Senator Mike Romano
Senator Dave Sypolt
Senator Charles Trump
Delegate Chanda Adkins

Delegate Tim Armstead
Delegate Jason Barrett 
Delegate Saira Blair
Delegate Jim Butler
Delegate Vernon Criss
Delegate Frank Deem
Delegate Mark Dean
Delegate Phillip Diserio
Delegate Joe Ellington
Delegate Paul Espinosa
Delegate Allen V Evans
Delegate Shawn Fluharty
Delegate Geoff Foster
Delegate Marty Gearheart
Delegate Danny Hamrick
Delegate Roger Hanshaw
Delegate William Hartman
Delegate Jason Harshbarger 
Delegate Joshua Higginbotham
Delegate Jordan Hill 
Delegate Ray Hollen
Delegate Eric Householder
Delegate Gary Howell
Delegate B. Rolland Jennings
Delegate Tony Lewis
Delegate Patrick Martin
Delegate Zack Maynard 
Delegate Pat McGeehan
Delegate Carol Miller
Delegate Riley Moore
Delegate Eric Nelson, Jr.
Delegate Jeffrey Pack
Delegate Tony Paynter
Delegate Rupie Phillips
Delegate Mike Pushkin
Delegate Ben Queen 
Delegate Matthew Rohrbach
Delegate William Romine
Delegate Kelli Sobonya
Delegate Erikka Storch
Delegate Terri Funk Sypolt
Delegate Robert Thompson
Delegate Jill Upson
Delegate Guy Ward
Delegate Danny Wagner
Delegate Steve Westfall
Delegate John Williams 
S Marshall Wilson
Delegate Mark Zatezalo

Representative Ed Brooks
Representative James Edming
Representative Andre Jacque
Representative Bob Kulp
Representative John Nygren
Representative Michael Schraa
Representative Robert Swearingen

Senator Cale Case
Senator Leland G. Christensen
Senator Ogden Driskill
Senator Fred Emerich
Representative Jim Blackburn
Representative Stan Blake
Representative Landon Brown
Representative James Byrd
Representative John Freeman
Representative Lloyd Larsen
Representative Bunky Loucks
Representative Robert McKim
Representative David Northrup
Representative Jerry Paxton
Representative Tom Walters




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