SAN Members Rally Against Leaded Fuel Ban Environment Canada Proposal Threatens Competition Motor Vehicles - March 2008

The Canadian Department of the Environment has issued a proposal to terminate the current exemption from environmental restrictions for leaded gasoline used in competition motor vehicles. If approved, the regulation would require a ban on vehicles using leaded fuel by January 1, 2009, resulting in the likely demise of all international drag-racing competition in Canada.
“In the first call to action by the newly created SEMA Action Network-Canada, the response by enthusiasts, car clubs and businesses has been overwhelming,” said SAN Director Jason Tolleson. “We are indebted to the individuals and groups who have spearheaded the efforts against this shortsighted proposal.”
According to government figures, competition motor vehicles use only 1.5% of all leaded gasoline consumed in Canada. The aviation industry, which owns a permanent exemption from the ban, accounts for the other 98.5%. It is also worth noting that U.S., U.K. and Australia regulators have not seen the need to enact a similar ban.
Of significant concern is the negative impact a leaded fuel ban will have on local and national economies. According to data compiled by the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), drag-racing competitions and related expenditures by race teams, event organizers and tourists, among others, the ban would bring with it a multimillion dollar windfall for regions hosting these events.
Comments on the proposal were due to Environment Canada by February 13, 2008.

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