Our Allies to the North: SAN Links With National Association of Antique Automobile Clubs of Canada Corporation to Support Canadian Hobbyists - January 2008

The National Association of Antique Automobile Clubs of Canada Corporation (NAAACCC) had its beginnings in the early ’60s when a group of car enthusiasts contacted car clubs across Canada to join them in lobbying the federal government to remove the duty and taxes charged on older autos and parts imported from the United States.

Forty years later, the NAAACCC not only monitors and speaks out against legislation affecting the auto hobby at the provincial and federal levels, but it also steps in to assist individuals who may be unfairly targeted by such legislation.  Made up of car clubs whose interests range from pre-war to musclecars and beyond, the NAAACCC’s mission is to encourage a cooperative working relationship with government to prevent restrictive legislation and to promote and encourage the preservation of the automobile and its historic lore.

SEMA Action Network Director Jason Tolleson recently traveled to Toronto to participate in NAAACCC’s annual leadership meeting. With the recent expansion of the SAN’s legislative efforts into Canada, a working relationship between the two organizations will be of great benefit to the enthusiast community in Canada.
In addition to legislative lobbying, the NAAACCC provides guidance to its member clubs on items, such as show judging, restoration tips and other hobby-related information. They not only maintain close ties with their member clubs within Canada, but with other like-minded organizations from around the world as well. The current provincial directors of NAAACCC run the gamut from hobby-related business owners and founding members of provincial antique auto clubs to collectors of anything and everything automotive.

In addition to his role as Director of NAAACCC, John Carlson is on the Steering Committee for the LeMay Museum and is a permanent Chief Class Judge at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.
To find out more about the NAAACCC and its work, check out their website at www.naaaccc.ca.

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