New York Bill to Provide Single Plate Option for Motor Vehicles Reintroduced

Legislation (A.B. 3671) to authorize the owner of a motor vehicle, for a $50 annual fee, to display a single license plate on the rear of the vehicle was reintroduced.  The bill will be considered by the Assembly Transportation Committee.

We Urge You to Contact Members of the Assembly Transportation Committee (Contact Info Below) Immediately to Request Support for A.B. 3671

  • A.B. 3671 allows owners to choose the option of a single plate for an annual $50 fee.
  • A.B. 3671 would help protect the aesthetic contours of certain vehicles and relieve vehicle owners of the burden and expense of having to create mounting holes on some original bumpers.
  • A.B. 3671 would save money, conserve resources and bring New York in line with other comparable states that are moving to a single plate requirement.
  • The funds collected under the bill would be used to help provide emergency services.

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the New York Assembly Transportation Committee immediately by phone or e-mail to request their support for A.B. 3671.   

Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org.  Also, please forward this Alert to your fellow car enthusiasts.  Urge them to join the SAN and help defend the hobby! Thank you for your assistance. 

New York Assembly Transportation Committee

To e-mail all Committee members, copy and paste the email address block below:

GanttD@assembly.state.ny.us; BorelliJ@assembly.state.ny.us; braunsteine@assembly.state.ny.us; brindisia@assembly.state.ny.us; bronsonh@assembly.state.ny.us; cerettoj@assembly.state.ny.us; CrespoM@assembly.state.ny.us; cusickm@assembly.state.ny.us; DenDekkerM@assembly.state.ny.us; DiPietroD@assembly.state.ny.us; LupardoD@assembly.state.ny.us; LupinacciC@assembly.state.ny.us; malliotakisn@assembly.state.ny.us; McDonoD@assembly.state.ny.us; NojayW@assembly.state.ny.us; perryn@assembly.state.ny.us; RobertsS@assembly.state.ny.us; SchimelM@assembly.state.ny.us; skartadosf@assembly.state.ny.us; SkoufisJ@assembly.state.ny.us; SteckP@assembly.state.ny.us; ThieleF@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember David Gantt (Chair)
Phone: 518-455-5606
Email: GanttD@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Joseph Borelli
Phone: 518-455-4495
Email: BorelliJ@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Edward Braunstein
Phone: 518-455-5425
Email: braunsteine@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Anthony Brindisi
Phone: 518-455-5454
Email: brindisia@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Harry Bronson
Phone: 518-455-4527
Email: bronsonh@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember John Ceretto
Phone: 518-455-5514
Email: cerettoj@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Marcos Crespo
Phone: 518-455-5514
Email: CrespoM@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Michael Cusick
Phone: 518-455-5526
Email: cusickm@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Michael DenDekker
Phone: 518-455-4545
Email: DenDekkerM@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember David DiPietro
Phone: 518-455-5314
Email: DiPietroD@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Donna Lupardo
Phone: 518-455-5431
Email: LupardoD@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Chad Lupinacci
Phone: 518-455-5732
Email: LupinacciC@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis
Phone: 518-455-5716
Email: malliotakisn@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember David McDonough
Phone: 518-455-4633
Email: McDonoD@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Bill Nojay
Phone: 518-455-5662
Email: NojayW@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember N. Nick Perry
Phone: 518-455-4166
Email: perryn@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Samuel Roberts
Phone: 518-455-5383
Email: RobertsS@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Michelle Schimel
Phone: 518-455-5192
Email: SchimelM@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Frank Skartados
Phone: 518-455-5762
Email: skartadosf@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember James Skoufis
Phone: 518-455-5441
Email: SkoufisJ@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Phil Steck
Phone: 518-455-5931
Email: SteckP@assembly.state.ny.us

Assemblymember Fred Thiele, Jr.
Phone: 518-455-5997
Email: ThieleF@assembly.state.ny.us



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